Identiflight mobile unit

In addition to wind farm installations, IdentiFlight® is also available as a mobile unit for use for field surveys by engineers, biologists, statisticians and academic stakeholders to address broader species of interest.  The mobile IdentiFlight unit includes an imaging head with wide field of view and stereo vision sensors mounted on a telescoping tower and powered by a hybrid power system.  It is installed on a ruggedized trailer for use in remote and challenging locations.

Ruggedized for Challenging Locations

Because it easy to mobilize, install and power, mobile systems provide a cost effective tool for monitoring and collecting data real-time in areas where a permanent installation would not be needed (studies, seasonal observations, etc.). With ruggedization, the technology can operate in environments that would be challenging for around-the-clock human observation, providing a valuable tool to enhance the quality of data and biologists’ reporting.

IdentiFlight®  mobile unit with telescoping tower.


Mobile unit en route to Washington State location.